Print Spooler Error

Print spooler is an application controlling the printing jobs that are sent from a computer to a printer. When the print spooler services stop working, you can’t add or access a printer.
Print spooler error is a common printer problem and occurs when the spoiler stops running. In that case you may need to restart the print spooler or restore your computer. This error can be of various types like print spooler error 1068, print spooler error 1067 and so on Printer Support Number

Fixing print spooler problems

Step 1

  • To fix your printer spooler problem follow the steps mentioned below.
  • To open the run dialog, click the start menu and type run and press enter key. You can also open it by pressing “Windows key” +”R”
  • Type services.msc in the command prompt box and then press the enter key.
  • Then get down to print spooler services option and double click on it to get the text started mentioned next to it.
  • Before clicking start, make sure it’s set to automatic option. Then you may see that the services will be started, thus your print spooler problem is resolved.
  • If you are not able to get rid of print spooler problem after trying step 1, then you may proceed with.

Step 2

If you still are getting a print spooler problem, you need to upgrade the driver bundle.

  • For upgrading, go to the start menu and open control panel.
  • Click on the hardware and sound option and then you need to go to the devices and printers.
  • Right click on the default printer option displayed over there followed by printer properties. If you want to see the driver that is being used, then click on the advanced tab option.
    Search for the latest driver of that printer by going to the website of the printer.
  • If you are planning to download it or save it to your machine then click on the new driver followed by “Next” option. If you click on the hard disk option and then browse through saved files, you may install an updated driver by double clicking on it. This will refresh the print driver in your system and aid you to remove all kind of print spooler problems.
  • After trying the above mentioned steps, if you are still not able to fix your print spooler problem, then please contact +1-844-324-7674

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