There can be multiple reasons when the printer is not printing correctly. Most common issue is the quality of printer. However choose your printer very wisely. Never compromise with quality of printer. Here we will tell you how you can troubleshoot print quality problems.
If you will go in the market, then you can see that there are so many brands that make printers. So always remember that these different printers have variety of ink systems, so steps and the troubleshooting might vary by printers. Initially, the starting steps are typically same for all printers. Use genuine cartridges and papers you are printing on because it can also have an effect on print quality. For better quality prints, be sure to use photo paper.

To print in correct order keep in mind that, if you are printing photos on plain paper, turn down the print quality to Normal so that it avoid soaking the paper with ink.
Here we will tell you how to manage the settings in printer. For example, to change print quality in Windows 8, go to Search and >>search for Devices and Printers>> Right-click your printer >> select Printing Preferences and Locate the Print Quality options and adjust the print quality from the drop down menu and then click ok. Finally, check to see if you are low on ink.
In that case you might need to replace a cartridge because due to safety point of view some printers are designed to stop printing before the print head runs completely dry and that might be the reason your printer is not printing correctly.
First try to print test page because printing a test page helps you isolate problems with your printer from any issues you might have with your PC, your software application, or the file you are printing. To print a test page on recent printers, make sure your paper is letter-size plain paper. On the printer’s front panel, press the Setup button and then press tools, and then press Print Quality Report. For some printers, the steps might be Print Report, so then Print Quality Report So that you will get verity of print quality diagnostic pages .Most will have common features such as color Blocks and alignment patterns used for diagnosing printer problems.

How to Clean Printer?

Before going to start final work, you should always try with test page printing. Once you’ve printed a test page, it is important to review the results to see if further action is required, such as cleaning. Begin by looking at color blocks on the test page. These blocks represent each of the ink colors in your printer. If you have streaking or faded color blocks on the test page, perform a cleaning.
Here we will explain step by step automated cleaning on HP inkjet printers, just follow the given instructions:
Press the Setup icon from your printer, and then choose Tools, and then Clean Print head, or Clean Cartridge. Some printers will have as many as three levels of cleaning. After each cleaning, a page is printed. After cleaning, if printer isn’t printing effectively, check the front panel and try the next level of cleaning.
If problem still continues and your cartridge has a vent, check to see if the corresponding cartridges are properly vented. If there is any residue blocking the ink slot, use a pin to remove it and then use it again.


Here we will talk about another common issue, which is called alignment. If we will define it, the quality diagnostic page is a set of lines called an alignment pattern. To align newer printer models, press the Setup button and then Tools, and then Align Print head and then printer will print an alignment page.
Alignment process might take several moments. If after cleaning and alignment, your printer is still not printing correctly, so in the next step you can replace the part.

Replacing Parts:

After doing alignment if it does not fix the problem, then you can move further on replacement parts. If your printer is in warranty so your print head might be too, and you can contact brand for a replacement or visit their website. See if the print head is replaceable. Open the printer and look for a lever on the side of the print head. A lever indicates the print head is replaceable.
First arrange the replacement part to remove the print head. For some cartridges, the print head is part of the cartridge, in which case the whole unit is replaceable. If the date on the cartridge hasn’t passed, and the cartridge still has ink, so then it is covered under warranty.
If still you are facing problem with printer, then we will recommend you to call on our customer support team on +1-844-324-7674.

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