Printer Printing Slowly

Printer printing slowly is the major issue which is increasing at a greater rate these days. This makes it difficult for us to get printouts in the expected time limit. At the workplace also, this issue poses a problem as it’s not in the favor of the company. The company has got to finish loads of project work which needs to be completed within a specified time and slow printing is disturbing. There may be numerous reasons for the printer printing slowly. Let’s look at some of these reasons:

Check the print mode settings

The basic reason behind a printer printing slowly is the print mode settings. Check whether the settings are in the normal mode needed by you or in high quality mode. In normal or draft mode, the printer consumes lesser time and ink to print than in the high quality mode settings.

Printer printing slow due to spooler settings

The print spooler settings are also a reason behind printer printing slowly or not printing anything. In order to fix it, do follow the steps:

  • Do check the spooling settings in the printer driver properties.
  • Click on the start button followed by the control panel, administrative tools, services, and finally print spooler option.
  • The print spooler helps computers windows to interact with printers and orders print jobs to stop and restart the spooler. You can thus easily fix errors by doing simple actions.
  • Set spooler to startup automatically to make sure the spooler gets started every time you turn on the computer in order to avoid missing incoming printing jobs. Click recovery app to control how the spooler responds to its errors.

Printer printing slow due to printer updates

Sometimes the update available for the printer or your printer software might get corrupted which in turn might cause the printer to print slowly. If you didn’t set up automatic update, the available updates will not be applied. In such a scenario, uninstall the printer driver and then reinstall it again. After that, close all unwanted applications and try printing again. If printer starts to print in a fine manner, you could easily point that the problem was generated due to the availability of its updates.

Printer printing slow due to wireless printers

If using a wireless printer you may face issues with printer printing slowly. Wireless printers lack the speed of a USB or Ethernet connection and can be slowed down by networks having a lot of traffic on them. It may also slow down due to interference from other objects in the room like cordless phones, wireless speakers or even walls which distance printers and routers.
• In these above mentioned cases you need to check the wireless signal strength by selecting the wireless signal icon in the windows taskbar. If the signal strength is shown low, then move the router, the printer and the computer closer. Make sure that no additional strains remain on your network such as downloading or streaming services.
• Restart the router by unplugging it and wait for ten seconds and then plug it back again. Do check the printer driver settings. You will then see that your signal/network strength will be fine enough to print a number of pages in a few seconds.

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